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Laser welding wire instead of € 29.00 for € 26.10

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Polishing-paste Fegupol A 70-30-5 with diamond
Diamond-polishing paste for NEM and ceramics.
80,30 EUR
1,00 EUR per g
Polishing-paste HAIPOLISH
HAIPOLISH is an abrasive polishing paste designed for CoCr and NiCr alloys.
125,90 EUR
0,63 EUR per g
For dental technician milling and drilling work
14,30 EUR
Adhesive Disk Ø 35 mm 500 pc/box
Secure magnetic adhesion of the models in the articulator suitable for adesso split, SPLITEX and Quicksplit.
79,00 EUR
0,16 EUR per pcs
Polishing-paste Fegupol 8059 with diamond
Very abrasive polishing paste with diamond for prepolishing high lustre polishing on hard precious metal alloys. Fegupol 8059 is especially well suited for fast polishing of primary and secondary parts using the telescope technique.
31,00 EUR
0,78 EUR per g
Plate set suitable for Adesso Split compatible with SAM, CORSOART S-Line
Plate set is suitable for Adesso Split articulation plates
Made of aluminum and anodised.
Magnets already installed.
Compatible with:
144,00 EUR
72,00 EUR per pcs
Retention Disks
Retention disks turned, knurled and with a circumferential groove Ø 25 mm x 3 mm
from 14,70 EUR
Lycran tooth sieve
With the Lycran tooth sieve you can scald acrylic teeth with ease.
24,60 EUR
Milling base suitable for Adesso Split to 90 ° inclination
Adjustable inclination angles up to 90 ° and freedom of movement in all directions.
249,00 EUR
249,00 EUR per pcs
Giroform plate holder compatible with Zeiser
can be used with Diagonal Pin Drilling Machine
Packing unit: 1 piece
79,00 EUR
79,00 EUR per pcs
Magnetic pot
Magnetic pot turned, knurled and with a circumferential groove. Ø 25 mm x 7,5 mm
from 17,50 EUR

New product

CAD/CAM Wax Disc Ø 98,5mm for model casting technique with a circular rim
Milling wax blank made of a special wax combination for a perfect production of frameworks.
from 33,00 EUR