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Since 01.01.1996 our company exists.
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Lycran fine balance
Indispensable aid for precise dosing of powder and liquid for acrylic dental resins.
32,20 EUR
NOVOplast M Powder
NOVOplast m with low-grade optimized shrinkage self curing general purpose acrylic
from 16,13 EUR
Adhesive Disk Ø 35 mm 100 pc/box
Secure magnetic adhesion of the models in the articulator suitable for adesso split, SPLITEX and Quicksplit.
18,00 EUR
0,18 EUR per pcs
Transfer table compatible with Splitex profile
For the fixation of the face arch registration in the articulator or a transfer stand
129,00 EUR
IML-Articulator BASIC S24
The newly developed IML-Articulators are made out of high-strength and light aluminium.
240,00 EUR
Milling base suitable for Adesso Split to 90 ° inclination
Adjustable inclination angles up to 90 ° and freedom of movement in all directions.
249,00 EUR
249,00 EUR per pcs
Light-curing tray material
Easy to adapt on the model due to the composite's inert material composition.
44,85 EUR
0,90 EUR per pcs