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Special offers are available.

Autumn offer

We are offering various offers until September 30th, 2020.

1. Glufi Fixing Gel
you buy 2 x 5 ml and receive 1 x 5 ml free of charge. (25%)
2. Occlusal spray, 75 ml 
you buy 5  x 75 ml and receive 5 x 75 ml free of charge. (50%)
3. CAD/CAM Wax Disc cylindrically shaped Ø 100 mm 
You buy 2 discs of your choice and get 1 disc for free

4. CAD/CAM Wax Disc with a circular rim Ø 98 mm
You buy 2 discs of your choice and get 1 disc for free


5. Pro-Die Spacer
You buy 1 x Pro-Die Spacer (2 x 20 ml) of your choice and receive 1 x thinner (2 x 20 ml) for free

6. Thermoforming Device Dunaform​
You buy 1 device and receive free thermoforming foils of your choice worth € 200.00

7. Special Offer Articulation plates suitable for Adesso Split® 100 / 500 / 1000 pcs​
Due to the slight off-color in the mint green color, we can offer you the plates at a super price.
The accuracy of fit is not affected by the wrong color.
Available while stocks last.
There are approx. 5000 plates in stock

further offers will follow