Light-curing tray material
Light-curing tray material

Light-curing tray material

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ca. 2-4 days ca. 2-4 days (abroad may vary)
39,00 EUR
0,78 EUR per pcs

plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

This product is similar to:

Light-Curing Unit - Luxomat D 4 lamps
There is sufficient room in the polymerization chamber for p to 4 models or one articulator.
from 20,80 EUR
Light-Curing Unit - Luxomaxi 4 lamps
Due to the semi-circular arrangement of each 2 UVA fluorescent lamps and blue fluorescent lamps, a homogeneous polymerization light for a reliable and uniform curing of the materials is provided.
from 20,80 EUR
Light-Curing Unit - Luxomini 2 lamps
The polimerization chamber offers sufficient room for up to 2 models.
from 20,80 EUR