Face mask

Mouth protection and beard protection - hygienic face protection at a reasonable price

In the area of ​​head and face protection you will find a wide range of facial masks such as beard protection, hygienic masks, surgical masks and mouthguards - ideal for dentists, hospitals, surgery, cosmetics, industry and food production.

Mouthguard - certified quality for maximum protection against infection

An oral protector is an important component of hygiene clothing in sensitive areas such as medicine, food production or in cleanrooms. Especially when exhaling and speaking, small droplets are distributed to the environment and pathogens can spread easily. An oral protection prevents this so-called droplet infection. An oral protection is therefore most frequently used in the medical field, for example in the hospital, in surgery and in the operating room. Here infection protection and prevention have top priority.
In order to meet all hygiene requirements, an oral mask must also completely cover the nose. The term mouth and nose protection or face mask would be more appropriate. All face masks by Franz Mensch have formable nosebangs. Thus, the mouthguard fits at any time and offers a particularly good fit - without pressure or slipping.
In the medical field, the mouthguard is an integral part of reliable personnel and patient protection. Hygiene masks or surgical masks must comply with EN 14683. All 3-ply face masks, which you can find in the online shop, meet EN 14683 and belong to the category Type II. The 3-layer mouthguard consists of two layers of PP fleece and a intermediate, high-performance filter unit from Meltblown. In addition, the mouthguard of the MPG Medical Device Class I and the Medical Device Directive 93/42 EEC. Important: An oral protection is generally a disposable product and is only approved for single use.
Latex-free rubber bands and especially soft fleece materials are self-evident at Franz Mensch. In this way, each mouthguard is particularly skin-friendly and comfortable.
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